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Tourism (leisure) in the distict of Borken

You are looking for...

  • a charming landscape with possibilities to rest and relax
  • attractive sites and cultural historical precious buildings, among others, moated castles and manor-houses
  • the opportunity to "tramp" by bicycle on marked ways or just at random
  • a good, may be even a solid kitchen
  • the neighbourhood of the Netherlands
  • an offer of a short holiday
  • making holiday on a farm

The Westmünsterland - the district of Borken offers all these things! Where during centuries "the end of the world?? was guessed to be at the border of the Netherlands, rest, leisure and contemplativeness were home. Even nowadays, you will feel less from the hectic. Here - nowadays of course unlimited - you can relax in an unmistakably landscape with fields, forests and meadowlands as well as mud and venn areas.

Here, you can:

  • tramp in Pättkes (ways with signposts) by bicycle, stop in front of a castle which old walls reflect in the gentle waves of a moat and feel the breath of the history
  • listen to the silence while having a walk in the shadow of a farmer's small forest
  • drive in the air in a balloon while the morning fog clears off and you are gliding free like a bird in a new day
  • experience the fauna and flora in old mud areas
  • explore the area riding a horse or by covered wagon lead by horses
  • just feel comfortable.

The local offices and associations of tourism which are structured to the corresponding cities and principalities will inform you about the reasonable offers (also all-inclusive tours and group trips). There, you can also order catalogues and prospectus.

Moreover, you can also get touristical information at

Hüttruper Heide 71 - 81
48565 Steinfurt
Telephone: +49 (0) 25 71 / 94 93 92 
Telefax: +49 (0) 25 71 / 94 93 99
E-Mail: touristik@muensterland.com

Further information in the WWW:


Münsterland Touristik Grünes Band e. V.