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Economical structure of the district of Borken

The economical structure in Westmünsterland possesses a large and healthy base. Trade to a large mixture of branches - mainly to mid-sized enterprises and societies, also with international business relationship - was done in the former years successfully. Nowadays especially regarding textile, plastics, printing trade and food processing industry but also wood processing, electrotechnology, machine construction and handcraft trade. The service businesses are also well represented (50 % of the part of employment) in the district of Borken.

Overlocal institutions such as the Berufsbildungsstätte Westmünsterland in Ahaus (BBS) [professional training school] and the Technische Akademie Ahaus (TAA) [technical academy] open interesting qualifying possibilities in cooperation with the trade. The department of the polytechnic college in Bocholt (department of the polytechnic college of FH Gelsenkirchen) exerces scientific teaching and research in close dependence to the necessity of the praxis. The Handwerksakademie auf Schloss Raesfeld [academy of handicraft at the castle of Raesfeld] with a recruiting area in the whole country rounds up the palette of offer of firm's continuation education and supplementary training.

The district of Borken is well accessible by car, train or airplane

  • A 3 (Oberhausen - Arnheim),
  • A 30 (Berlin - Amsterdam),
  • A 31 (Bottrop - Emden)

Connexions to international airports: Düsseldorf, Münster-Osnabrück, Enschede Regional airport: Stadtlohn-Vreden.

The Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft (WFG) [institution of economical promotion] supports the economical development of the district of Borken since over 35 years.

Members are the district of Borken as well as 16 cities and communities in the area of the district. In the intersection between trade and administration, the WFG assists residents and interested to be resident firms as well as existence creation. The WFG offers following servic

  • Consult on creation
  • Consult on firms' matter
  • Consult on innovation
  • Information concerning the district Borken as a site of trade

Furthermore, the WFG initiates, organises and administrates the projects where German and Dutch firms and institutions cooperate to develop innovative structures and new technologies.

You can get further information to trade and trade companies in the area from:

WFG für den Kreis Borken mbH 
Erhardstraße 11 
D-48683 Ahaus
Telephone: +49 (0) 2561 979 99-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 2561 979 99-99
E-Mail: info@wfg-borken.de

Further information in the WWW:


Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft für den Kreis Borken mbH