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The district parliament of the district of Borken

The district parliament represents the interest of 364.000 residents in the district of Borken and so the upper political organ of decision of the district of Borken.

The district parliament meets all significant political decisions of the district. Among other, following examples belong to:

  • passing of annual budget of the district as well as investment programmes
  • decreeing constitutions, e.g.: plans concerning the landscape, waste disposal fee
  • taking decisions concerning investments to ameliorate conditions of living and working as well as the infrastructure (e.g. building of roads, schools, museum)
  • overtaking of voluntary duties (that means those duties that are not prescribed by law) - especially in the domain of culture.

The 60 honorary members of the Borkener district parliament, the Member of District Parliament are directly voted by the citizens of the district. The foreign citizens originating from the countries of the European Union resident in the district belong also to those who can vote or be voted since 1996 on the communal level.

The last election of district parliament in the district of Borken took place on the 25th of Mai 2014. At this time, 298.599 residents were entitled to vote. The election turnout was of 53,8 percent. The next election of district parliament will take place on 2020.

To prepare its decisions, the district of parliament is supported by the district committee and the committee of experts. The majority of the political decisions are previously consulted and partly, they are even directly meet here.

The district administration prepares the sessions of the district parliament, the district committee and the committee of experts. It informs the district parliament and the committees about all necessary facts and circumstances. It also makes suggestions on coming up decisions and executes it at the end.

The sessions of the district parliament, the district committee and the specialised committee are basically public. You can participate in these sessions. Only in some concerns in which confidentiality is prescribed (e.g. personnel cases, property matters or award of a contract), the door must keep closed.

To give the residents the opportunity to be informed about actualities which concern the district from first hand, the district parliament created the resident questioning hours.

The district parliament is meeting all 6 weeks in the conference hall of the office of the district in Borken. Please find the date of the sessions in the session diary or also in the local press.

Chairmanship of the sessions

The sessions of the district parliament and the district committee are presided by the District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker. In the administration of the district administration, the district administrator is represented by his general representative, the district director Dr. Ansgar Hörster.

The district administrator is not member of the district parliament but - as a district administrator directly voted by the citizenry - he possesses a voting right there.

At the organization of the district parliament and in important procedural questions, the district administrator is consulted by the council of Elders which consists of its (honorary) representatives and the chairmen of the parliamentary party.