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Cultural affairs (sights) in the district of Borken

The cultural life in the district of Borken is very multifarious. Beside lots of local activities, following are mainly in the focus:

The Jazzfest in Gronau. Every year, round 30.000 persons come to the Jazzfest The festival has an international importance and also attracts famous stars.

With a scholarship, young artists are becoming the chance to work, to be inspired and to artistically develop further in a stillful atmosphere for a certain time in the Künstlerdorf Schöppingen [ Artist's village]. With the Landesmusikakademie in Heek-Nienborg [academy of music of the Land], there is a further, also internationally active institution of promotion of amateur music.

Every year, the German-Dutch art work exchange takes place in Borken. Artists from both countries expose their arts to a large public.

Lots of Museum in the district area offer interesting things to different themes, e.g

  • the Westphalian textile museum in Bocholt,
  • the district's own Hamaland-Museum in Vreden, the biggest cultural historical museum in Westmünsterland,
  • the museum Wasserburg Anholt with Westphalia's unique Rembrandt,
  • the unique bells' museum of its kind in Gescher.

More over, there are lots of further sights which are witnesses of the long history of the district of Borken: castles, fortresses and manor-houses, ways of the Cross, shrines and parish churches.