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Description of the area

The district of Borken is located in the west of the Münsterland, in Westmünsterland. The common border to the Netherlands measures 108 kilometres. The münsterlandish park scenery determines the whole district of Borken with its small and bigger forests, its pasturages, grassland and fields traversed by typical embankment and field hedges. Both, quality of living and housing are similarly high. Inside it, the 17 cities and municipalities with lots of sights.

Quite a third of the total surface is built by protected areas or is under nature protection (over 70 nature protected areas).

About 364.000 persons are living in a surface of more than 1.400 square kilometers in the district of Borken. More than a fifth part of the residents are under 18 years old. With 40 years of age, the district of Borken has one of the lowest average ages in North Rhine-Westphalia. Many people are living in nice own houses.

The district of Borken has got its actual shape of area on 1975 in the frame of the communal area reform. The city of Borken is a district town.